About WhataSoftware

The USA and many other advanced economies will transform their economies from a traditional ‘work-for-a-company-for-30-years-and-get-a-pension’ model to an entrepreneurial model which encourages innovation. There's increasing evidence that this has already started happening accelerated by the Great Recession of 2008. We ourselves are entrepreneurs looking to highlight the work of great companies and help make a connection between enterprise software buyers and the creators of these business software tools.

Our mission is to match these innovative business software tools to buyers who need them in increasingly crowded marketplaces.

You see, dating websites having been helping people find perfect matches (or near to it!) for years now and we wanted in on all of the fun. WhataSoftware is a project determined to match industry professionals and IT specialists with the perfect software at the perfect time.

Our mission is to provide a platform where managers and specialists can come to our site in search of software and our program will help them to find the software program that is exactly what they need or want. The varying search options allow individuals to search for specific types of software in order to find just the right one.

Our special feature, one we are proud to provide, is Scout. Here you can see what leading companies from the Fortune 500 to your household software companies use for different aspects of their business. From accounting and payroll to learning management and training, the software that you need, is right here with us.

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  3. Access Intelligence reports for deep insights and analysis of the various software markets.