Collaboration & Productivity

Today’s workplace environment is always evolving, and that often includes workers who are dispersed throughout the country and even the globe. With the rise of remote employees and the non-traditional work environment, it’s become more important than ever for businesses and organizations to have a simple, streamlined way to manage a variety of tasks and keep up with employees, no matter their physical location.

In a very generalized sense collaborative and productivity software can provide a range of functionalities including instant messaging and telephone/video conference abilities within the software platform itself.

It can also provide time and task management tools, alongside the ability for employees to connect with one another. It may be used for something as simple as exchanging direct messages between a supervisor and an employee, or collaborative software may offer more complex features such as the ability to host company-wide brainstorming sessions and meetings.

Some considerations when selection software for collaboration and productivity include whether or not there’s a mobile version of the product, the security of information and data, customer support and whether or not the software is cloud-hosted or requires software or hardware installation. 

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