Business Social Networking

Internal social networks, more formally referred to as enterprise social network software, provide the tools and system capabilities for business employees to communicate among one another. The thought is that these software products are similar to a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter, but they’re only used internally within an individual business, rather than being open to anyone.

These internal social tools are used as a way to increase not only overall communication but also collaboration among employees within an organization while also improving problem-solving and brainstorming.

Some of the features of enterprise social networking software include user-friendly interfaces that feel intuitive and easy to use for everyone within an organization, integration with a variety of business apps, and the ability to customize the network so that it matches the brand and image of the company.

This type of software provides a great snapshot of an organization and its employees at any given moment, gives company leaders a birds eye view of what conversations are happening and creates the opportunity for more innovation and creativity to happen.

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Business Social Networking Software