Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is the preferred way for businesses and even individuals to keep data, information, and other items stored reliably, efficiently and in a cost-effective way. Cloud storage essentially means data is accessible from a variety of devices, so for instance, rather than only be able to access data from a company computer in the office, employees may be able to access stored data from their smartphone or tablet from wherever they are.

Cloud storage not only improves accessibility for users, but it also provides a stronger layer of security and protection, particularly in the event of a disaster, in which data stored in a traditional office setting could be destroyed. It’s also a low-cost means of data storage since you’re not investing in hardware or software for these purposes, but instead are only paying for what you actually utilize.

Some essential features of cloud storage options including automatic and incremental backups, remote access, automatic archiving, security and encryption, and the ability to share files amongst multiple users. 

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