Envision how many online shopping options and experiences you probably encounter on a daily basis. These are managed on the back end by e-Commerce software, which provide the behind-the-scenes capabilities and actions needed to sell goods and service to the customer through your website.

The goal of e-Commerce software is to provide a user-friendly experience not only for shoppers, but also for you as a business owner. It makes it easier to not only streamline the daily tasks associated with selling goods and services online but also to make changes when necessary.

Some of the features available from popular e-Commerce software products include the option to build an entire website, even with minimal technical know-how, an online storefront that makes it simple to do things like editing inventory, pricing management and providing product descriptions, and also the provision of payment processing tools. Other advanced features you may find include third-party integration where your e-Commerce software is compatible with other applications you may use, the option to provide mobile commerce, and comprehensive security, which is incredibly important when dealing with customer payment information.

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