Frequently Asked Questions



You will first need a vendor account. Once you create your vendor account and add your listing, you can use our pay per click program to feature your product prominently in your listed category.

To do this, log into your vendor dashboard and go to [Settings]

  1. Select the [Profile Settings] option
  2. Make sure to fill out Basic and Contact details
  3. Add in your [Billing] details
  4. [Enable] PPC and set a monthly budget

Once you have in place your billing information, you can click on the bid icon in your listings section to use the bidding tool.

The WhataSoftware Rank Bidding tool enables you to get more visibility and traffic. It's a pretty simple process. When the bid software page loads it shows current values in the right and bottom sections. Values can be changed by selecting the correct rank level on the graph or by typing values in the "Bidding Starts At" box. Entered values will be applied after hitting the 'Confirm Bid' button. Bids are in increments of 0.25. Should your monthly budget become exhausted, your listing will be returned to our regular listings section, resuming once a new month or budget is established. Contact us at 877-624-7226 or email if you need help.

Glad you asked. First, we are the only site that can get you to shout 'What A Software!' after you find the right software for your business or project.

Seriously, though, WhataSoftware provides some unique tools to facilitate your business software research efforts. Here are five of them:

  1. Scout: We reveal what software tools are being used by top companies. 
  2. Find Instant Matches (FIM): FIM saves you time by quickly identifying which software system will best meet your specific needs.
  3. User Dashboard: Your buyer dashboard puts you in the driver's seat as you and software vendors communicate and (we hope) make a connection. The User Dashboard comes with an Internal Messaging System to facilitate communication.
  4. Reviews: You'll find software reviews from both real users as well as our in-house editors that will help you make informed software purchase decisions.
  5. Intelligence Reports: Our intelligence reports take mountains of information and boil it all down into a concise intelligence report about a specific sofware category to further enable a better-informed decision-making process.


What is WhataSoftware?

WhataSoftware is s business software recommendation and reviews platform that puts business software buyers in touch with great vendors. But before this match occurs, WhataSoftware provides users with several different tools to enable you to make the best decision possible about which software tools will meet your unique business needs and requirements.

How does WhataSoftware work?

It's very simple. If you are curious about what software systems are used by top-performing companies, click the [Scout] tab above. 

If you are a seasoned pro and would rather go do your own research, we provide you with trusted user reviews and our own professional editorial reviews of many different software products. Click the [Categories] tab or use the search feature to find what you need.

If you prefer in-depth research, our [Intelligence] reports act as buyer guides to provide deep industry analysis and actionable insights that lead to better-informed decisions.

In order to protect the Whatasoftware platfrom from spambot invasions, we ask that you either create an account or login using your Linkedin or Facebook accounts for easy, secure access to everything Whatasoftware has to offer.

You can invite your customers to provide feedback about your product. All they need to do is create an account, go to your product listing, and from there submit their feedback. We do review all submissions in order to ensure compliance with our terms of use.

As a vendor, you can also respond to and comment on approved reviews of your software. Again, we will review your response and post it as long as it meets our terms of use.

We want to help ensure a safe and fair environment for both reviewers and vendors alike. Please contact us if you have any questions about the review process.

To have your software product listed on Whatasoftware, first register as a vendor here.

After registering, simply log into your Vendor dashboard, go to your [Listings] tab and click on [Add Listing]. Complete the form, and be sure to include screenshots and video links if you have them. Put your best foot forward!

When your listing has been reviewed and approved, you will receive an email message indicating where your new listing is available for public viewing.