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About Our Intelligence Reports

Trying to find the perfect software to meet your business needs is a daunting task, and one that often leaves people feeling frustrated and exasperated. There are more than fifty distinct categories of business software, and each category can have dozens or even hundreds of vendors to choose from. Even looking into just one category feels overwhelming – there’s simply too much information to digest. Rather than throwing your hands up in despair or making a largely random decision about what to buy, you can turn to Whatasoftware for guidance. We don’t just give you more information; we give you intelligence. Understanding the difference between the two is essential to your sanity, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

The purpose of intelligence is to enable better-informed decision-making. Information by itself is largely useless until it’s turned into intelligence. Take the CIA, for example. It gathers lots of information from the field and then converts it into meaningful intelligence reports that help the President make informed decisions about vital matters. WAS intelligence reports do the same for you by providing you with the intelligence you need to make the best-informed business software decisions you can make, which will translate into better performance for your business.

Each WAS intelligence report does the following:

  • Reviews the state of the software market in a specific category.
  • Presents research showing what real companies are doing in that category.
  • Reveals the top-ranking software systems in a category as rated by real users.
  • Allows you to get ahead of the software curve in any given category.

If you want to find yourself joyfully shouting “What a software!” after your next business software purchase, then WAS intelligence reports are a great place to start.

Available Reports

Intelligence Report: HR Software Market - Human Resources Software

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This WhataSoftware Intelligence Report: Human Resources will guide you through the findings of our own research about the state of the HR technology landscape in companies today, make recommendations based on those findings, and provide information about some of the top HR software systems currently used by a variety of businesses and organizations...

WAS Intelligence reports are designed to be easily consumed and provide actionable performance based roadmaps for software acquistion, implementation and feedback.