Inventory Management

Inventory management software provides a way for organizations to track not only general inventory levels but also other facets of business including orders, sales, and ultimately deliveries. It unites all of these components in one location, and the use of inventory management software can prevent supply chain issues such as overstock or the unavailability of products.

This type of software is often used in the manufacturing industry, and many of the functionalities and goals of inventory management software are similar to distribution software.

In the past, much of the information gathered and analyzed via inventory management software was done through the use of traditional spreadsheets.

Features include the ability to share inventory information with key stakeholders including vendors, employees, and third parties while still maintaining control over information and the ability to ensure information isn’t disrupted as a result of this access. The strongest inventory management software includes the ability to quickly import and export information, filter and search data, track costs and serial numbers, and receive reports of re-stocking. 

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Inventory Management Software