IT & Operations Management

IT and Operations Management Software (ITOM), provides a comprehensive and robust approach to the management of computing, networking and application systems.

Just some of the very many complex components which may be included within an IT operations management software program include network management, which refers to methodology used to streamline the operation of everything from computing devices to software, users and cloud services. Issues such as troubleshooting, network monitoring, and license management can all be tracked in one location.

IT help desks may also be included under the umbrella of ITOM, and are often part of these software programs so that users can manage a variety of tasks include the tracking of user tickets and resolutions.

The best in ITOM software gives you the simplest and most comprehensive way to stay several steps ahead of what’s happening in your network and IT infrastructure, allowing you to proactively identify and remedy potential problems before they ever actually occur.

Some of the other areas that fall into the category of IT and operations management software include performance, IT services desk, scheduling, and asset management. It’s a very broad category since it’s dealing with not only the actual hardware that make up operational and IT systems but also the cloud-based components. 

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IT & Operations Management Software