Marketing software is also referred to as marketing automation, and it refers to the use of software platforms design specifically to improve efficiency and effectiveness of marketing throughout multiple channels. Some of the channels that can be managed through the use of marketing software include pay-per-click advertising, websites, email marketing and social media. It provides a sense of automation for many of the elements of comprehensive marketing and unites tracking within one system.

Some of the features often sought in marketing software include the ability to build customer relationships, automate programs, measure marketing return on investment, communicate to not only wide groups but also segments and personalized audiences, gather and track behavioral data and manage existing accounts as well as future opportunities.

When choosing marketing software, look for a product that offers the features you need without unnecessary complexity.  It’s also important to have a market strategy in place before choosing software, and to select a product that will work well not just within the confines of the marketing department, but across all departments so that information can be shared in a valuable way.

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