Custora is a software solution that analyzes data to predict the future behavior of customers, from the things they're most likely to purchase to how often they'll shop. With customer-specific insights brands can engage their customers more effectively and meaningfully through various forms of advertising and communication. Customer analytics features include customer lifetime value, behavioral segmentation, cohort analysis, trend analysis and mobile customers. Lifestyle marketing solutions include automated lifecycle and marketing.


  • Number of Users: 10-49, 50-99, 100-499
  • Sessions: N/A
  • Pricing: Free Trial, Premium
  • Device Supported: Web Based (OS Agnostic)


Know the lifetime value of every customer straight away with Custora's predictive lifetime value model. Custora's persona analysis allows for tailored marketing based on a more accurate understanding of what different customers might enjoy.The churn detection feature helps you to understand individual customer behavior and notifies you when their habits change, giving you the opportunity to reach out and retain them. With lifecycle segmentation you can congratulate first-time customers, reward loyal customers, and reach out to drifting customers with incentives to come back.Complete integration with your existing ESP means that Custora can automatically send emails to who you want, when you want. cohort analysis enables you to learn which groups of customers are driving revenue and identify developing trends in customer retention and purchasing behavior.


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