Our product, Ranktab, makes group decision making almost as easy as web browsing. Today, group decision-making in companies consists of erratic discussions and the ineffective use of brainstorming. This can occur in a meeting room, or in a virtual scenario, over dozens of emails or teleconferences. Ranktab is different. Instead of contributing to erratic discussions, Ranktab organizes the decision framework into a visual context so that everyone can understand the collective thinking of the group.


  • Number of Users: 10-49, 50-99, 100-499
  • Sessions: N/A
  • Pricing: Free Trial
  • Device Supported: Web Based (OS Agnostic), Android, Iphone, Desktop


Ranktab is an affordable web application that collects individual judgments to calculate and visually reveal the smartest group decision. With an advanced algorithm, Ranktab maintains diversity of opinions, independence, decentralization and aggregation.


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