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ThoughtBuzz is a fully managed and mobile friendly social media monitoring tool that gives you real-time insights into your social media performances and success. ThoughtBuzz identifies key influencers and trends within your most valuable content in order to promote engagement. ThoughtBuzz comes in 4 packages, from freemium to premium, and each plan is fully scalable based on your social media monitoring needs.


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ThoughtBuzz's Full Spectrum Analysis is a component that elavates your marketing, branding and social media management efforts. With Full Spectrum Analysis integrated into your social media management, we provide data mining, social media monitoring, 1and all-rounded analysis and Subscribe to email alerts and have regular reports delivered to you, based on your requirements.ThoughtBuzz's Social Intelligence Matrix(SIM) sets the benchmarks for your business processes. The software and analysis collects relevant social media data, compiles insights and reports to provide scores on your business processes. Social media data can be a valuable resource for business innovation. ThoughtBuzz helps you evaluate your product's performance in the market, track your brand's presence on the social media space and conduct active industry research within the social media landscape. ThoughtBuzz's Persona Analysis filters through the noise on all major social networks. Relevant data is assembled to provide a clear perspective on your leads and customers on social media. ThoughtBuzz's Social IQ & Digital Audit conducts a diagnosis on your brand's social media presence, the health of your brand's social media activity and the measurement of your brand's performance against your competitors.


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