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Powernoodle is a decision-making cloud-based platform that eliminates the traditional barriers and efficiencies in decision making. The Decision Space includes topics that need to be discussed to come to a larger decision, and Powernoodle is based on smart anonymity making it easier to collect more valuable insights. Every idea can be tagged and organized in a variety of ways, and other features including evaluations and assessments, next actions and reports. Powernoodle is also fully optimized for mobile devices.


  • Number of Users: 10-49, 50-99, 100-499
  • Sessions: N/A
  • Pricing: Free Trial
  • Device Supported: Web Based (OS Agnostic)


Adapt to Generations, Bridge Knowledge,Anonymous participation means everyone is heard,Enable Speed,Amplify Creativity,Crush the Competition,Focus Strategy,Engage Remote Teams.


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