Currently providing error tracking for more than 50,000 applications, Airbrake gives developers what they need to build stronger, better software thanks to the provision of detailed error reports in various applications.
In just three minutes you can discover potential bugs, alleviating the need to suffer through traditional reports.
Airbrake offers the capability to fix errors in a matter of seconds, and you can tailor it based on recurring exceptions or filter it by parameters, users or environment variables. Thanks to the intelligent grouping and duplicate detection, you're not wasting your time with massive amounts of emails or unimportant errors.


  • Number of Users: 1000+
  • Sessions: N/A
  • Pricing: Free Trial
  • Device Supported: Android


Airbrake is one of the top software options of its kind, with more than 50,000 customers, because not only of the fast and efficient way it identifies errors but also its ability to work with almost every conceivable programming language, including Rails, iOS, Javascript, Python, Java, .Net, Merb, Erlang and many more. All available Airbrake plans include search, filtering, SSL, duplicate detection, auto-resolve and integrations with third-party providers including GitHub, Campfire, JIRA, HipChat, Pivotal, Lighthouse and more.


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