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Ghostery allows users to take control of their digital experiences, making it easier to create safer, faster and more trustworthy experiences. The Ghostery Extension is a free, simple-to-use tool that lets users decide who will see their data. It can be customized, and blocking some or all trackers can speed up the browsing experience and reduce the likelihood of a security breach. Ghostery MCM is designed for businesses to give them increased visibility beneath the surface of their websites and apps, which can create alignment between IT and marketing and give businesses control over their consumers' data experiences.


  • Number of Users: 10-49, 50-99, 100-499
  • Sessions: N/A
  • Pricing: Free Trial
  • Device Supported: Web Based (OS Agnostic), Android, Iphone, Desktop


Block tracker by tracker, site-by-site, or a mixture of the two. Pause blocking for those moments when you'd like to disable it altogether.Ghostery is available for nearly every device and browser: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, iOS and Android via the Firefox Browser. See what you're blocking and use Ghostery's tracker profiles to educate yourself about the companies that are tracking you. Click-to-Play functionality means that blocked trackers like Google, Facebook and Twitter buttons, as well as commenting systems, video players and sound widgets, will be readily available to use as you scroll through content normally.


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