Quality Management & Testing

Quality management software, also referred to as QMS, is a way enterprises, primarily in the manufacturing sector, can improve not only products but also their processes. The goal of this software is to strengthen the production process, with a focus on quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement.

As quality control has become an increasingly company-wide venture, these software products have moved toward solutions that provide a high level of visibility and process transparency for multiple stakeholders. This reporting visibility can be particularly important to businesses that have global locations because it streamlines quality control and puts all relevant information in one easily accessible place.

Some of the features frequently included in quality management software are the tracking of preventative action, as well as correction action, complaint management, and risk management.

Also important is the ability to manage both internal and third-party audits, the ability to organize and maintain all documents associated with manufacturing and production, and features that comprehensively analyze the occurring processes. Quality management may also include components relating to employee training and compliance. 

Quality Management & Testing Software