WhataSoftware Average Rating Score™ - WAR Score™

What is the WhataSoftware Average Rating Score™ (WAR Score™)?

The WAR Score™ is a comprehensive and reliable index of software ratings online.

The WAR Score™ takes publicly available rating sources across the web and uses algorithm to agregate them so that users have a reliable and nonbiased rating of software (business) products. We currently use 6 of the top rating websites online when it comes to software reviews to calculate the WAR Score™.

Why Use the WAR Score™?

We believe the WAR Score™ provides the most accurate and unbiased index of software ratings anywhere on the web. Ratings and review sites are notorious for bias and skewing ratings based on intentional or unintentional actions of users. While the crowd can be useful in providing ratings and reviews, sometimes let's face it some reviews get added into the database that simply have no business being in there. By providing an average of these reviews and ratings we bring:

  1. Clarity - Everyone can see where the numbers come from that contribute to a software's overall rating. One site does not have undue influence on the process and outcome of review scores.
  2. Fairness - Whether a product has 1000 reviews or 10 reviews, we believe it is important that a level playing field be provided. By using the WAR Score™ we bring this basic fairness to the software reviews and ratings industry.
  3. Transparency - When you click on the WAR Score™ value for any software on WhataSoftware, you will see the values that contribute to that score. We provide the data from competitor sites in order that no one site is able to unduely influence your purchasing decision; after all you want to buy the best software for your needs. Period.

Questions about the WAR Score™

  1. What's with the whole 'WAR' thing? - The fact is we wanted a name that was memorable and catchy but also provided our users with a sense of the power of these ratings to influence decisions. We figured WAR Score™ did that nicely.
  2. My WAR Score is not accurate - We understand that you might have a different take on the WAR Score. Feel free to contact us to discuss.
  3. How does WAR Score impact my WhataSoftware rankings? - the WAR Score™ is just one of many data points that go into your WhataSoftware ranking. Let us know if you have any issues and we will look into them,